Crystal Healing Jewelry Tacoma, WA

Crystals are full of light and they carry love, healing energy and knowledge from Mother Earth and beyond. When crystals are worn, their vibration interacts with our body's energy field or aura and they have a positive impact on our emotions and feelings of well-being.

Every crystal has its own unique energies and wearing healing crystal jewelry allows us to receive the influence of the particular stones we wear. In this way, we can choose stones that align with the vibration we desire.

For example, there are stones that enhance stress relief, peace, balance, stability, joy, happiness, prosperity, manifestation, psychic ability, love and self-love, concentration, creativity, protection, increased energy, release of negativity and more. There are also crystals that help increase our connection to the higher realms. These crystals raise our vibration and bring us closer to our Angels, our Spirit Guides and Source so we are better able to communicate with them and receive their guidance and blessings.

At Starseed Crystals we carry healing crystal jewelry in our retail shop and in our online store. Please come and visit us or call (253) 281-7324 if you have questions.

Wishing you bountiful crystal blessings!!!

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