Feng Shui Healing Crystals Available in Seattle, WA

Everything in our physical world, including ourselves and all our belongings, contains a living energy known as Chi. Feng Shui, a Chinese term meaning wind and water, is the ancient art of selecting and placing objects in a manner that increases the flow of Chi in our environment. The Chi that moves through the spaces we inhabit has a powerful influence on us. Areas that are rich in positive Chi attract advantages and favorable opportunities and enhance our health, abundance and happiness. Practicing the art of Feng Shui can have a profound effect on our ability to manifest our desires.

Crystals are valuable assets in Feng Shui. They emanate light, which attracts positive Chi and they have their own unique energies that can help us create the energy we want in any given area. For instance, Clear Quartz is a very activating stone that channels high frequency source energy into its surroundings. Clear Quartz also clears out negative energies and helps bring clarity to our consciousness. Calcite is another powerful energy amplifier and cleanser. When placed in a room, Calcite clears stagnant energy and lifts the vibration. Calcite assists us in coming up with new solutions to problems and helps us embrace change and move toward a new way of being. Clear Quartz and Calcite work well in any area where we want to clear and elevate the energy. Stones like Citrine, Pyrite and Green Jade attract prosperity and abundance and are good to place in the wealth area of our home or office. Abundance stones also work well at entrance ways and in work spaces. Rose Quartz is very nurturing and comforting. It heals the heart, helps us love ourselves and attracts love from others. It’s a great stone to place in the bedroom or anywhere you want to bring in more loving energy. At Starseed Crystals we do Feng Shui healing crystal sales and carry many wonderful Feng Shui healing crystals that can help you bring the energy you want into your space and into your life.